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Presbytery of Seaway-Glengarry

    order: pastoral charge, mailing address of church, minister(s)

  1.  Avonmore, Finch & Gravel Hill: Vacant: interim moderator   ·  
        - Avonmore, St. Andrew's, 3256 County Road 15, Box 104, Avonmore, ON, K0C 1C0
        - Finch, St. Luke's-Knox, 28 Front Street, Box 220, Finch, ON, K0C 1K0
        - Gravel Hill, St. James-St. Andrew's, c/o Bryce Robinson, 17341 Amell & Renald George Rd., RR 1, St. Andrew's West, ON, K0C 1V0

  2. Brockville, Caintown: Marianne Emig Carr
        - Brockville, First, 10 Church St., Box 885, Brockville, ON, K6V 5W1: church office   ·  
        - Caintown, St. Paul's, c/o Ms. Angela Cowan, 344 Old River Road, R.R.#3, Mallorytown, ON, K0E 1R0; church contact

  3.   Chesterville, Morewood & Winchester: Ed Charlton
        - Chesterville, St. Andrew's, c/o A. Langabeer, Box 671, Winchester, ON, K0C 2K0
        - Morewood, P.O. Box 204 Morewood, ON, K0A 2R0   ·  
        - Winchester, St. Paul's, 517 Main St. W., Box 879, Winchester, ON, K0C 2K0

  4.   Cornwall, St. John's, 28, 2nd St. E., Cornwall, ON, K6H 1Y3: Robert Adams · church office   ·  

  5.   Dunvegan & Kirk Hill: Vacant; interim moderator: Jim Ferrier
        - Dunvegan, Kenyon, 1630 County Road 30, RR 1, Dunvegan, ON, K0C 1J0   ·  
        - Kirk Hill, St. Columba, 20950 Laggan-Glenelg Rd., Box 81, Dalkeith, ON, K0B 1E0   ·  

  6.   Iroquois, Riverview, 22 Church Ave., Iroquois, ON, K0E 1K0: Geoffrey P. Howard   ·  

  7.   Kemptville & Mountain: Samer Kandalaft
        - Kemptville, St. Paul's, Box 797, 319 Prescott St., Kemptville, ON, K0G 1J0   ·  
        - Mountain, Knox, 2227 Simms Rd., Box 35, South Mountain, ON, K0E 1W0

  8.   Lancaster & Martintown: Vacant; interim moderator: Firas Chamas
        - Lancaster, St. Andrew's, 20389 Church Street, Box 524, Lancaster, ON, K0C 1N0   ·  
        - Martintown, St. Andrew's, RR#2, 4186 Squire Rd., Martintown, ON K0C 1B0   ·  

  9.   Maxville & Moose Creek: Vacant; interim moderator: Ian C. MacMillan
        - Maxville, St. Andrew's, 21 Main St., Box 7, Maxville, ON, K0C 1T0
        - Moose Creek, Knox, 1 St. Polycarp Street, Box 328, Moose Creek, ON, K0C 1W0

  10.   Morrisburg & Ingleside: Feras Chamas
        - Morrisburg, Knox, 10 First Street, Box 1042, Morrisburg, ON, K0C 1X0: church office  
        - Ingleside, St. Matthew's, 15 Memorial Square, Box 520, Ingleside, ON K0C 1M0: church office  · 

  11.   Prescott & Spencerville: Vacant; interim moderator: David Hooper · church office ·
        - Prescott, St. Andrew's, 425 Centre St., Box 94, Prescott, ON, K0E 1T0
        - Spencerville, St. Andrew's-Knox, 48 Bennett St., Box 81, Spencerville, ON, K0E 1X0

  12.   Vankleek Hill & Hawkesbury: James Douglas
        - Vankleek Hill, Knox, 29 High Street, Box 269, Vankleek Hill, ON, K0B 1R0   ·  
        - Hawkesbury, St. Paul's, 166 John St., Hawkesbury, ON, K6A 1X9   ·  


Equalizing Ministers
  1. Interim moderator, Dunvegan and Kirk Hill:  James Ferrier
  2. Interim moderator, Maxville and Moose Creek:  Ian C. MacMillan

    (equalizing ministers are ministers normally on the appendix to the roll of presbytery who are currently serving as interim moderators of congregations within the bounds. They are added to the constituent roll of presbytery during their term as interim moderator. Their names return to the appendix once their term as interim moderator expires. For some background see the special edition of Equipping for Eldership on Book of Forms changes, 2019, pp 1,2.)


Appendix to Roll

  1.   Retired: Greg Blatch
  2.   Retired: Mark R. Bourgon
  3.   Retired: Paul Chambers
  4.   Without Charge: Julia Apps-Douglas
  5.   Without Charge: Colleen Gillanders-Adams
  6.   Retired: Ian K. Johnston
  7.   Retired: Marion Johnston
  8.   Without Charge: Harold Kouwenberg
  9.   Retired: D. Barry Mack
  10.   Retired: Ian MacLean
  11.   Retired; Minister Emeritus, Knox, Vankleek Hill: Robert Martin
  12.   Without Charge: Donna McIlveen (Diaconal)


Clerk of Presbytery
    Donna McIlveen, 1711 County Road 2, Johnstown, ON, K0E 1T1, phone 613-657-3803.



    This map shows the location of each church within the presbytery. note: in cases where street addresses were not available, other sources were used to locate the church.

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